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Nergis Usta

Directing is in Nergis' genes.

She is a natural when it comes to leading people on the set and bringing her vision of a story to life.

Nergis also has the unique ability to discover and develop exceptional stories and turning them into captivating scripts and exciting movies. Crafting film with the essence of life itself, her passion threads through every story she tells. Her creative process, a treasure trove of sensory experiences, captures the raw, the real, and the deeply human. With an empathetic soul and relentless pursuit, she transforms observations into cinematic art. Strong, unobtrusive observational skills enable her to capture the nuances of life.​

Following her successful short films, she completed her education as a Fiction Producer and deepened her knowledge in Film Science, Journalism, and Communication Sciences at FU Berlin.

Her debut feature "Love Me" was written, directed and produced by her on a shoestring budget, navigated its way to nominations and screenings at festivals like the "Hong Kong Art House Filmfestival“, "Achtung Berlin," and the "Independent Days International Film Festival Karlsruhe". 

Before and during her early directing career, among many others, Nergis worked with Tom Cruise, Bryan Singer, Fatih Akin, often as assistant director or script supervisor. She always prioritized staying close to directing, cinematography and actors to develop her craft further. 

A member of the German Directors Guild (BVR) and a Turkish-German filmmaker based in Berlin, Nergis Usta stands out for her socially critical films and miniseries. Her energetic presence, resilience, and infectious laughter make her unique, effortlessly bringing people together. Her work, marked by humor, drama, and sarcasm, delves into societal issues, focusing on character-driven stories.

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