Love Me

“Love Me” is a homage to Berlin. A movie about people caught in the big city lifestyle, searching — for their place and for themselves, drifting away — to fulfilment or despair.

Date: 2017, length 105 min. Genre: Drama/Comedy/
Director, Writer & Producer: Nergis Usta
Actors: Lotta Doll, Murat Seven, Sema Kecik, Christopher Ammann

Actors: Lotta Doll, Murat Seven, Sema Kecik, Christopher Ammann, Rana Farahani, Claudia Neidig, Crew: Producer / Director / Writer: Nergis Usta, DOP/Co-Producer: Chris Hirschhäuser, Composer: The Curl, Editor: Alexander Weiz, Costume Design: Tanja Jesek
We are very pleased to inform you that our film “Love Me” is an Official Selection of the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2017, Fall edition.


On with the festivals… After Hong Kong we’re running in Karlsruhe now as well. We’re looking forward to the Independent Days Internationale Filmfestspiele Karlsruhe 2018.


On with Achtung Berlin 2018! We are thrilled to be part of this wonderful filmfestival!

Love Me at Achtung Berlin

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