A Beautiful World (2007)

A hot summer’s day, in a suburb near the coast. Michal (48) meets a friendly young man (22) at a bus stop. For Michal this is at first a normal day; once again he is waiting at the bus stop for his family. They will go to his daughter’s grave. His daughter lost her life in a terrorist attack, and Michal expects to suffer the same fate, as the young man drops his fuse. The young man lost his mother through the opposing soldiers. Today he wants to take revenge. He forces Michal to enter the bus, destination: Tel Aviv. They both are victims and on their way to Tel Aviv. During the journey they establish an extraordinary relationship between themselves. For both of them there is only one way out: Michal has to put up resistance to survive, and Jamal has to push the fuse button before he is getting killed by the Israeli military.

2007 Short Movie written, directed and produced by Nergis Usta.

Actors: Kerem Can, Badasar Calbiyik, Hülya Duyar, Nelson Oceano

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