About me

I write films, I shoot films, I produce films. I love films. Film is my passion.

I graduated as a producer and then studied Film, Journalism & Communication at the FU Berlin.

I learned all my skills in national and international projects, working with Bryan Singer, Tom Cruise, Wüste Film, Fatih Akin, Teamworxx, Mathias Schwerbrock, Feo Aladag, Rolf Schübel, FlyingMoon and many more.

I have perseverance in my blood. I find my stories in newspapers. My inspiration is real life.

My name is Nergis Usta. I’m a director.


“I admire Nergis’ commitment, her motivation, but especially her inspiration as director… and I’m eagerly looking for her next movies.” Mathias Schwerbrock – Produzent und Gründer Filmbase Berlin GmbH

“Nergis is a straightforward, caring and respected person. She exceptionally understands how to arouse team spirit at any given moment.” Roshanak Behesht Nedjad – Produzentin Flying Moon Filmproduktion GmbH

“Nergis Usta has a well-founded understanding of the many-faceted artistic processes of filmmaking and a high judgment of acting and staging performance. She is brave, clear and self-willed, and has a very keen eye for details as well as for the overall context.” Pit Rampelt – Redakteur – Fernsehspielfilm I – ZDF